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        In the 1970's William Millier logged his forested land to send the logs out to be milled to make his hay wagons. Shortly after he started milling the logs himself on a portable band-saw. The production of hay wagons occurred on the farm and as interests grew, they expanded. The addition of a single cut band-saw and moving the equipment to the other side of the road, Bill began producing 60,000 board feet a week. 

      With the help of his son Andrew Millier and the addition of the new double cut band-saw in 2015 production has increased the average to 100,000 board feet per week. With a soon to be addition of the new re-saw, production should be over 125,000 board feet a week. All of the byproducts from the production of lumber; sawdust, woodchips and bark mulch have many different uses and eliminates the idea of "waste" in the production system.

History of Brookside

The original mill is located on the opposite side of the street from the current operations.

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