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Our Services and Products

We specialize in hardwood procurement and products

Standing timber procurement and Purchasing

Our timber cruising team (Dan and Rob), with your goals and objectives in mind, help you determine the estimated value and options for your forested property.

Log purchasing

Once a tree has been felled and removed from the forest it can be graded and scaled to estimate individual log values and place a marketing bid on your logs.

Logs can be valued and purchased on the homeowners site, or trucked in and valued in the yard.

Veneer Log Purchasing

The highest grade that can be given to an individual log is veneer. Large and free of defects, with other high quality characteristics. These can be used for high quality wood products and the value varies between species and volume.

Hardwood Woodchips

There are multiple options for woodchip sales. You can fill your own pickup for $10 or have one of our loader operators fill for you ($30).

Prices by yard for smaller loads and larger loads vary.

Large trailers are valued by weight.

Hardwood Sawdust

Hardwood sawdust is also sold in relation to chips and mulch by truck load. 

There are also different texture levels to the sawdust, the very fine is on the right and slightly more coarse to the left.

The black walnut dust is kept separated to ensure the safety and health of animals that may be in contact with the sawdust, ie. horses

Hardwood Bark Mulch

The bark that is removed from the debarking process is ground up into mulch. Great for gardening and other purposes.

Sold by the yard or truck load.

Green Lumber

Green lumber is fresh cut and put into packs to be transported to operations with kilns and/or steamers (black walnut) to then be used for building purposes. There are several different thicknesses, grades and come in different lengths. 

There are board packs, cants, railroad ties and pallet wood. Packs and loads can be designed for specific orders.

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